SUNeVision iAdvantage Hong Kong Data Center Server Managed Services

We provide our customers with a wide range of cost-effective, reliable managed services. Supported by sophisticated tools, our professional team handles the day-to-day operations and provides support services to our customers around the clock.

Server Management and Application Monitoring

We provide 24x7 services to monitor the operational status of servers, applications and network connections to minimize server and application downtime. We also provide services to install and update server operating systems, as well as other customized server management services.

Network Traffic Monitoring

Our Network Operation Centre (NOC) closely monitors the network traffic of our infrastructure and provides alerts of abnormal activities to our customers. Through our customer portal, our customers have direct access to common networking tools (such as MRTG) to monitor their own network traffic.


Network Engineering Support

Our experienced team of network engineers provides a range of support services from network planning, equipment configuration and installation, to day-to-day operations support.




Firewall Management

We provide managed firewall service to protect our customer’s mission critical systems from unauthorized access. Our services include provision of firewall appliances, setting up of security policies, and monitoring of operational status.

Backup Management

We provide data backup and restore services, including backup tape rotation and library management. We also enable backup-as-a-service through the cloud and our inter-connected facilities.

Remote Hand Support

Through our 24x7 Remote Hand Support service, our experienced technicians, NOC personnel and engineers offer hands-on assistance to our customers on all critical data centre management tasks.