Well-equipped with cutting-edge and energy efficient infrastructure, iAdvantage data centres can handle various demanding mission-critical applications – whilst reducing power consumption and carbon footprint. But none of these matters in the event of a lapse in security, which is why we make sure that our round-the-clock connectivity, and more importantly, our customers’ equipment and data are protected by 24/7 security from on-duty guards to security systems.

The development of a new data centre in Tseung Kwan O, MEGA Plus is pushing the limits for contemporary data centre infrastructure. This top-notch facility is completely outfitted to be more energy efficient, providing you with the most flexible and customized solutions.

To understand how iAdvantage’s data centres can match your IT outsourcing needs, schedule a tour to explore our five data centres in Hong Kong will guide you through each location’s facilities with links below:

Interior Architecture

SUNeVision iAdvantage Hong Kong Data Center Infrastructure

Energy-efficient and secure


Electrical Supply and Distribution

SUNeVision iAdvantage Hong Kong Data Center Electrical Supply and Distribution

Geo-redundant with integrated Building Management System (BMS)



SUNeVision iAdvantage Hong Kong Data Center Cooling System

Enhancing data centre energy efficiency


Fire Protection and Suppression

SUNeVision iAdvantage Hong Kong Data Center Fire Protection and Suppression

Mitigating risk of fire damage



SUNeVision iAdvantage Hong Kong Data Center Security

24/7 security procedures



SUNeVision iAdvantage Hong Kong Data Center Telecommunications

Maximizing data centre capacity


Facilities may vary across each data centre location. To check out our genuinely bespoke data centre solutions for your colocation requirements, please contact our iAdvantage Sales Managers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our hotline (852) 2208 8888 for details.