Data Centre Solutions

Unlock the full potential of space and power with iAdvantage

SUNeVision iAdvantage Hong Kong Data Centre Colocation Services privide you with space and power

With iAdvantage, you can expect colocation options of the highest quality from our Open Farms, Cages and Private Suites, all of which are based on your particular deployment and security specifications.

iAdvantage data centres are built to provide up to 2N redundancy. This means that our power facilities are readily supported by UPS and generator backup, delivering the highest level of uptime availability.


Open Farm

Identify Optimal Conditions to Secure your Data Assets

Here at iAdvantage, we strive to deliver the best in market technology to our customers, for example, our professionally designed data hall with stringent temperature and humidity monitoring.

You can expect high quality colocation options with open farms available either in standard equipment racks (42U, 45U, 48U, 52U) or in custom racks to house your equipment – all based on your deployment specifications.

And if your equipment requires higher energy demands, we offer a high-density zone, together with comprehensive backup to deliver the optimum level of uptime availability as well as maximum power.

Our data halls are also equipped with access control systems to ensure strict levels of access security.



Secure Your Assets to Promise Maximum Returns

You may expect a higher level of security with privacy than just locked cabinets. There is no better way to enjoy high resilience and data protection than with our data centres’ private cages, with customized designs and layouts plus biometric access control system.

With iAdvantage’s private cages, you will benefit from the scalability and flexibility for your specific dynamic business needs.


Private Suite

Tailor Unique Solutions for All Your Needs

Our Private Suites are designed to match your strict access control requirements with customizable power options, floor layouts and cabling management. These self-contained areas are built to make sure that your specific business needs are met and the mission-critical equipment and your digital assets are kept secure.

Every Private Suite is specifically tailored to adapt to Hong Kong’s tropical climate and weather conditions.

For extra support regarding your Private Suite, our experts and customer service team are available 24-hours a day.